Project Review and Approval

New MRI projects will be reviewed by the CIS Steering committee. All users must have IRB approval for research projects, and must be able to provide an account number for billing purposes (e.g., internal or external grant or other funding mechanism). All projects should include at least one researcher with experience in MRI research experiments who will be responsible for the development, design, and execution of MR imaging acquisition and analysis procedures.
To initiate a new MRI project at the CIS, the PI shall email the Director for a preliminary discussion of the project requirements and address any questions or concerns regarding equipment, personnel, or available scan times. Following that discussion, the PI will complete an MRI Project Request Form and submit the project to be reviewed by the CIS Steering Committee. Review criteria will include, in part: securing of IRB approval, feasibility of protocol with the imaging facility, and availability of magnet time.

Project Submission Instructions

Please submit the following materials in a single .zip file to  File Naming Convention (inside .zip file) available below:

MRI Scan Request


Project Description (1-2 pages)

Includes brief description of research goals and hypotheses, description of research participants to be scanned, types of MR imaging (e.g., structural, fMRI-task, fMRI-rest, diffusion, spectroscopy, etc.)

Documentation of IRB Approval


Imaging Protocol

(includes sequence parameters and tech instructions)

List of Personnel and Contact Information



The .zip file should be labeled in the format LastName_ProjectDescriptor (e.g., Baum_MRE, Dick_ADHD).