MR Safety Zones

The MRI Facility in the CIS is divided into four safety zones as indicated in the figure on this page.  Zones are labeled 1-4 and each Zone represents a progressively greater level of access restriction.



Zone 1

The open-air PG-5 pedestrian walkway outside of the CIS MR facility and the CIS lobby/waiting room. Zone 1 is freely accessible to the general public.

Zone 2

The interface between public area of Zone 1 and the restricted areas of Zones 3 and 4. Zone 2 includes the CIS mock scanner room, behavioral testing rooms, procedure rooms, a restroom, and the hallway connecting these rooms. Zone 2 is located behind controlled access doors. Individuals who have been granted access to the CIS beyond the reception area must escort visitors and volunteers into other areas of Zone 2.

Zone 3

Restricted area. All visitors and volunteers in Zone 3 must be escorted by authorized personnel at all times while in this zone. Zone 3 contains the MR control area and participant changing area. While this Zone is free from risk, persons in Zone 3 have free, physically unrestricted access to Zone 4, an area that does pose risk. Zone 3 is behind controlled access doors.

Zone 4

Contains the 3T MRI magnet room and equipment room. Zone 4 is a potentially hazardous zone where magnetic fields are greater than 5 gauss. All persons entering Zone 4, including researchers, volunteers, and special visitors must fill out and sign appropriate screening forms. Authorized personnel must accompany all volunteers and visitors into Zone 4.

The combined area of Zone 3 and Zone 4 is defined as the MRI Suite.

Small metal objects are prohibited in the MRI scan room (Zone 4). Pens, bobby pins, hairclips, etc. must be carefully screened because they can become projectiles that can injure subjects and staff, and damage the MRI equipment. Watches cannot be brought into the MRI scan room (Zone 4), as the magnetic field will render them inoperable. Devices with magnetically recorded information such as credit cards, bankcards, or data stored on magnetic tape will be erased if brought into Zone 4. Volunteers and visitors will be provided with storage areas to store personal items such as watches, wallets, and jewelry in the control room, located in Zone 3. Larger personal items, such as purses or backpacks, may be stored in the staff lockers in the hallway adjacent to the MRI Suite, located in Zone 2.

Large metal objects may not be brought into the MRI scan room (Zone 4) unless they have been certified as MR safe by the CIS staff. Objects such as floor buffers, oxygen tanks, and toolboxes may become attracted to the magnet with sufficient force as to cause severe trauma to subjects and staff. These incidents can also cause significant and costly damage to the MRI equipment.